Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The computer program design process (cpdp)

As well observational as experimental evidence indicates that computer programs evolve by
  1. the programmer not knowing anything by the subject of the program;
  2. the programmer reusing either old code that they don't know anything about - or old code written by the programmer themself, but is of no relevance to the subject; and
  3. when users have made sufficient many complaints about the program for the programmer's supervisor to start talking about that the programmer might be usefull in another department, the programmer will hide away in some remote corner - either adding random stuff copied in from somewhere or deleting random stuff somewhere.

As we all know

  1. the current version is completely error free and has fixed all the errors in previous versions;
  2. the current version is scheduled to be released (recursively) next year; and
  3. the release date is subject to be changed without notice - until at least a year after the change.

So, actually computer programmers really do have special qualifications as PR department for the Intelligent Designer (aka the Blind Watchmaker).

Cheers for now.

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